Excited to find The Precious Dreadful included on this list, “Nine Incredible Paranormal Mysteries and Thrillers”! Check out all these great titles here: You’ll find TPD at the 4:42 minute mark. Thanks, EZVID for including my book in your wiki!

At Loooong Last!

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted an update, but the time is right. Although The Precious Dreadful has been out just under five months, next Thursday is kind of momentous. My protagonist, Teddi Alder, celebrates a birthday on July 26th, which just happens to be the birthday of my talented niece, Stacey. Coincidence? […]

Book Two

Book Two For all intents, I’ve finished writing my second book. Let’s allow that to sink in for a moment. I, Steven Parlato, an unassuming college professor, from an average family, in a working class Connecticut town, am on my way (hopefully) to publishing Book Two. While this hardly makes me prolific as Patterson, I’m […]

An Uncommon Feature

Thank God for UNCOMMON YA! If not for my blog assignments there, I might never post an update here. I was featured on the site on Wednesday, July 31, 2014. If you missed me there, here’s the interview. Today I (Beth Fehlbaum, UncommonYA moderator) am interviewing Steven Parlato, author of the highly acclaimed THE NAMESAKE, […]

Some Thoughts on My Year in Print

Post first appeared on Uncommon YA, 1/15/14. Hollywood has not come calling. I have not been mobbed on the street by eager readers. I have yet to churn out—in the words of Publishers Weekly—my next “solidly woven … well-executed plot.” Hopefully, this doesn’t mean I’m no longer a “name to watch” (Thanks, PW!); just that […]

Seasonal Shift

First off, I can’t believe almost a month’s flown since my last post. And tomorrow is summer’s official end. I picture those final days unspooling like fabric from a giant roll. The leading edge is the intense blue of late-August sky; then the material ombres toward rust and gold. We’re at bolt’s end now, the […]

Tough Love

At a recent bookstore event, I experienced a cringe-worthy moment. Oddly, my distress involved a pair of shoppers interested in buying my novel, THE NAMESAKE. It’s not that these patrons were creepy or threatening. In fact, they were friendly, talkative. Heck, they looked like they’d walked straight out of a breakfast cereal commercial. The thing […]


Is it too late for THE NAMESAKE to be considered the next big thing? See, my YA novel, THE NAMESAKE, technically released in early 2013, but it doesn’t seem fair to rob my protagonist, Evan Galloway, of his shot at 15 minutes of Next-Big-Thingness. Does it? Well, I hope not. And fellow YA author, Beth […]

Web Appearances

Friday, September 6, 2013: Excited to be featured on Author Interview Friday on Confessions of a Book Addict, the awesome blog site run by Book Addict 24/7, Dayla F.M. It was my honor to have the opportunity to discuss THE NAMESAKE in depth in response to Dayla’s truly insightful questions. Take a look and leave […]

The Reviews Are Coming In!

August 1, 2013: International Sensation, Bitsy Bling, loves THE NAMESAKE! Read her beautifully-written review here: And here’s a link to the Amazon Customer Review Page with several terrific reviews from readers: Book Blogger, Dayla FM posted a terrific review of THE NAMESAKE. Read it on her blog, where she ranked it as the #2 book […]

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