The Precious Dreadful

The Precious Dreadful by Steven ParlatoTeddi Alder is just trying to figure out her life.

When she joins SUMMERTEENS, a library writing group, she’s only looking to keep herself busy, not go digging around in her subconscious.  But as she writes, disturbing memories of her childhood friend Corey bubble to the surface, and Teddi begins to question everything:  her friendship with her BFF, Willa, how much her mom really knows, and even her own memories.  Teddi fears she’s losing her grip on reality—as evidenced by that mysterious ghost girl who emerges from teh park pool one night, the one who won’t leave Teddi alone.  To top it all off, she finds herself juggling two guys with potential, a quirky new boy named Joy and her handsome barista crush, Aidan, who has some issues of his own.

As the summer unfolds, Teddi is determined to get to the bottom of everything—her feelings, the mysterious ghost girl, and the memories of Corey that refuse to be ignored.


“Haunting in every sense of the word, The Precious Dreadful is a dark, poignant exploration of friendship, loss, and the very real power of storytelling.”

  • Stephanie Kuehn, Morris Award-winning author of Charm & Strange

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