Seasonal Shift

First off, I can’t believe almost a month’s flown since my last post. And tomorrow is summer’s official end. I picture those final days unspooling like fabric from a giant roll. The leading edge is the intense blue of late-August sky; then the material ombres toward rust and gold. We’re at bolt’s end now, the […]

One Thing

This post originally appeared August 20, 2013 on Uncommon YA, the home of gutsy YA fiction. Check out this awesome site where YA authors tell it like it is! One Thing. When I saw this blog assignment title, I immediately thought of that One Direction song. Admit it, you’re humming it right now. “I need […]

Book Launch! January 18, 2013

Pinch me! I still can’t believe that was real. Ede and Dan from Joh Bale Book Company were gracious enough to host the party for the release of my novel, THE NAMESAKE. Though it was a chilly January night, it was a truly fantastic evening. I was awed and honored by the turnout, which included […]

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